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Powering Your Last Mile Deliveries with Perfect Route Optimization & Delivery Control Software.

Streamline your deliveries

For businesses of all sizes aiming for effective and transparent delivery process

Best routes in seconds
More profit, less costs
Full business control
Perfect last mile

Save Time & Resources

Our Routing Engine reduces your time, money & fuel burn rates by up to 80%. Get shorter routes. Eliminate hours of manual planning. Cut fleet and workforce. Reduce fuel consumption.

Maximize your fleet capacity. Minimize windshield time. Make your deliveries transparent with real-time tracking of cars and field workers.

No More Routing Chaos

Get a Bird's Eye View of your daily delivery picture with our interactive easy to use map. View and edit any of your routes or orders right on the map.

Preview real-life parameters like vehicle capacity, time windows, status and more in just 1 click.

Enjoy fully interactive interface with drag-and-drop windows.

Always Deliver On Time

Get efficient & reliable ETAs. Deal with emergencies in real time or even prevent them. Avoid traffic jams. Get instant notifications about any delivery issues. Re-plan, re-route, re-optimize and re-dispatch on the go.

Stay in contact with customers and adapt to their schedules.

Sync with Drivers

Delight your drivers and mobile workforce with a simple and intuitive mobile app.

Send routes to drivers in 1 click. Track delivery progress in real time. Keep drivers or couriers informed and on track. Get PODs, comments, chat messages, files, scans, photos and more.

Delight Customers

Keep your customers happy with timely and proactive communication. Send automatic customized notifications by SMS or email (with start time, ETAs, order status change and more).

Capture electronic proofs of delivery with an app. Go paperless. Optimize your customer response time. Analyze gathered data to improve future customer experience.

Full Delivery Control & Transparency

Monitor any parameters of your fleet in real time. Always know the exact location of your assets and their issues. Ensure on-time deliveries. Reduce errors with top-notch operative control.

Track your drivers’ on-the-road progress. Make adjustments on the go. Get instant PODs from drivers & couriers. Capture & prevent potential issues before they happen.

Easy Start & Integration

Import orders with multiple parameters as CSV or Excel files in 1 click.

Easily connect to your existing tools. Integrate seamlessly with any ERP, CRM, WMS, or TMS via advanced developer-friendly API.

LogistInWeb Driver App

Empower drivers

A simple intuitive iOS & Android app for your mobile workforce

Send Routes & Tasks

Dispatch routes & tasks in no time with a single click

Stay in control

Manage field workers and deliveries in real time & re-route instantly

Minimize Errors

Minimize delivery errors and fix issues on the go

Delight customers

Keep clients informed about their delivery status

Accept payments

Let field workers accept payments, invoices, signatures & returns

You're in good company

The most successful delivery operations choose LogistInWeb.

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